About Lopburi

Sunflower field Lopburi
Lopburi is the provincial capital of Lopburi Province in Thailand. About 150km north-east of Bangkok, Lopburi has become a popular destination for a day trip from Bangkok. Many travellers know about Lopburi from its Lopburi Sunflower Festival which happens in the beginning of November until February.  Besides that, Lopburi is also known for many old landmarks such as Wat Phra Sri Mahathat – a Khmer-style Royal temple located in the centre of Lopburi town, and  Phra Prang Sam Yot – one of the oldest landmarks in Lopburi which is also known for a large number of monkeys running free around the area.

Lopburi Sunflower Festival

The best time to catch the best of the sunflower season is from mid-November until mid-January when sunflowers fully and beautifully bloom on fields of Lopburi. Also, it is better to be at the field early in the morning so that you can see sunflowers facing the sun. Once you arrive in Lopburi, you can see that there are few sunflower farms that are planted by people living in the area. It is just a part of sunflower fields. You can find yourself in the ocean of sunflowers blooming widely in districts of Phatthana Nikhom, Chai Badan, and Khok Samrong.

Bangkok to Lopburi

Just about 150km north of Bangkok, Lopburi can be easily reached different transports. The train station in Lopburi is in walking distance to the city centre, which makes going by train much easier. You can also take a bus to go to Lopburi. Another common option is taking private transfers which maximise your comfort and flexibility.

By Bus

Buses depart daily from Northern Bus Terminal Mochit which is the same named BTS Station. Buses run from 5:30 to 20:00 about every 30 minutes. The journey takes you about 3 hours depending on the traffic.

By Train

Since the train station in Lopburi is just a short walk away to the city centre, it is a convenient way to go by train to Lopburi from Bangkok. Trains depart hourly during the day from Hua Lamphong Railway Station from 5:00 to 21:00. Rapid and express trains between Lop Buri and Bangkok take about three hours, while ordinary trains take about 4 and a half hours.  If you want to make a day trip to Lopburi from Bangkok, please notice that the last train leaves to Bangkok from Lopburi at 18:05.

By Private Transfers

Taking private transfers from Bangkok to Lopburi is an ideal way to shorten the travelling time and have all the flexibility and comfort. The drive takes about 2 hours.

By Tours

There are several Lopburi Sunflower Field Tours offered which everything is arranged for you. Transport will pick you up at your accommodation and bring you to Lopburi. Tours include tour guide, transportation, and free wifi on board. It is a good way to go to Lopburi and at the same time have a good insight about the area.